How to find community gardens in Rome

Between all the marvel, running, picture taking and eating, I decided to check out the Roman scene. Turns out there is a detailed map of community gardens, community edible gardens and guerrilla spot gardens in Rome.

Lecturing in Moscow at Делай Сам

Every year Делай Сам organizes the DIY summit. This year (2016) I was invited to hold a lecture about my work and give a workshop on social design and social marketing. My two favourite topics.

How I did not launch a start up in China (part 1)

Imagine a surfing school on the Spanish island of Tenerife, right off the African coast. A hot December evening, a few days after Christmas. My new friend Cheng and I skipped going to the beach that day. We had had a few intense days with a lot of surfing and mucha fiesta.

Finding role models for a magazine

The best assignments are those when the client gives you carte blanche. Complete freedom to act as you think is best. That was the case with the development of Mijn Moerwijk Magazine. I was asked to develop a concept for Moerwijk, a neighborhood in The Hague notorious for its high criminality rate, unhealthy residents and…